Friday, July 17, 2015

For many years I thought how nice it would be for the every day woman - to carry a piece of art - that would be affordable and good quality.

Mercy little did I know that the journey from 2007 hitting strong 2008 - till now -- would be such a Journey!!!  The company and my husband of course lol invested over $10,000 in trying to make the "perfect" bag
tote , over night bag etc. so when I put the "Pamela Joy" name on it -- I knew it was solid.

Materials and Labor ranged from $50.00 min to $125 dollars overcharge just to ensemble (that $125 didn't include materials) .   Feeling "slightly defeated" but knowing if it was God's will this idea I felt He placed in my heart would prevail if it was "His Will".

Right after this photo was taken - Christmas Eve -- Momma suffered a Galbladder Burst -- She almost died - on life support for 8 days - God Victoriously Saw her through and heard our Prayers!!

A doctor came in her SICU stating "if it had been up to me I wouldn't have operated" stunned lol I asked why? He said because the nurse at your mother's nursing home said she was SEVERELY DEMENTED AND BED RIDDEN -wow -- WOW - she had just come from Bingo that day -- previously - the photo you see - she had finally agreed to eye surgery -- she's a stubborn one lol

She wins at Scrabble and Cheats Admittedly LOL -- yes slightly demented before January 1 - as all of us are after 50.

I politely - ok not so polite - told the doctor NOT TO come back in the room to send his residence who had more positive attitude -- he did - yaaaay!

Beautiful Card from my dear friend Kitty
Miraculously - I was able to plead with the surgeon and emergency surgery was done -- after surviving 8 days on life support -- 4 days in a room with a VERY DEMENTED PATIENT - who screamed - through food - chased us etc (remember Mom was labeled severely demented) Mom survived - Praise the Lord --- yes by now I definately was a bit DEMENTED MY SELF LOL 

So here is our Journey as try to start a "adopt a grandma/grandpa" program -- that our Young People or Mature lol people - can make things to help people in nursing homes not feel alone on their birthdays or mothers/fathers day, Holidays etc.

The wonderful Food Manager -LaKeisha - I will also always be greatful for - she did her best to prepare menus for Mom ordering vegetarian food as she could -- going out of her way to get "staff" to call me with my concerns - Wonderful Nurse Ebe who pushed and pushed to get help for Mom!!

Watching phenomenal GNA's like Simone, Tracey, Ms. Jo, Dawn, Shantrice, Pilli, Robin, Shenee, Brittany,  Roslind, Awesome Housekeeping -  Mr. John -- Laundry Service so Nice  - many times -- to many people  to count -- there is shortage of Nurses Aides (all over Maryland)-- -

 I'm so glad Crystal Morgan was with me so we could put Mom to bed July 4th.

Nurse Ebe, Nurse Roslind,  Nurse Comfort , Nurse Elton, Nurse Marlene, and even Nurse Ilene -- who some we had and have our "differences" but their LOVE for My Mom and other residents came through.

Art and design -- my art friends Brenda, Transferessence, Kitty, aka Jean, Laura, Michele, Barbara (Moore's Art supply) Lorrie, Eva, Karen, Maggie, - where would we be without our Kindred Spirit Friends (no I didn't put any of this on the website - people have enough of their own drama lol)

Shirley & Fil, Uncle Virgil ,  my niece Melissa & Megan supportive on facebook, my sister-inlaw Robyne & Brother Charles, Jocelyn, Sonia & William, my other brother "my Pookie" Bill Kelsey & my good friend -

Carol - who brought me food and a pillow so the hours sitting in the hospital on a hard chair were bearable    ----   the one thing I know - though we grow OLD all of us -- No one has the right to "pull the plug" but God.

With God's help -- "The Girls Club Art Boutique" sponsored by Pamela Joy Inc. and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. will now be able to present -- artworks on Merchandise for the "Every day Awesome Woman" like Joy Pifer - the Original Girls Club Founder ---known as "Joye" or Ms. Pifer or MOM which she loves all to call her that =unless you're an "adopt a grandchild" -

New Adopt a Grandparent Program starting in Mom's name - will blog more when it's official and accepted at her nursing home.& local Churches - Praise the Lord and Anne Arundel College!

For over 60 years Mom had helped church members - feed them while oversees and stateside -- many missionaries who had dedicated their lives Mom and Dad were able to take care of.   In her later years Mom taught Sabbath School for young people -- so many years as a Deaconess  - over 60 years.

Her Granddaughter - Now Naval Graduate -- would bring her such Joy --- Mom was looking forward to seeing her graduate - Unfortunately I pulled my back out helping in Therapy but we get to see the video of Melissa Pifer shaking the Vice Presidents hand -- such honor -- mom cried the first time she saw it

If you have read all this post - i thank you LOL and if you would like to know more -- please email me -- you will receive a monthy newsletter of how Artists, Friends and Family are helping the "forgotten in our nursing homes" and NO lol we don't ask you for MONEY lol!

We hope you join us -- also at where my friend and Partner on MMW - Michele Nizam funds the Art Website to help other Artists grow into "their own". 

My awesome husband Russell L. Wright, Jr. -- sacrificed his health -- so Mom could regain hers - My daughter Pamela Joi Pifer-Thomas, II - thank you for all your love we know it wasn't always easy but you were there!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Such a Cute Purse

Such a Cute Purse my friend Lorrie Jonas made for me -- Lorrie is my partner in crime when it comes to fabric/cloth/paper mixed media.  We had so much making the Angel Tree we need to do more dolls together..........this Purse is so vibrant the photo doesn't do it justice - thank you sweetie!!!Lorrie JonasLorrie's new Transformation 2015 - yaaaaay!  or see her prints and facebook

Monday, March 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas Angel - can't believe it's MARCH - yaaaaay - time to catch up :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 24th weekend - Fun Birthday Dinner for my daughter Pamela Joi and her God Parents and Aunties.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Be You Fashion

They have an awesome line of Spring and Summer Bags that just make you SING FOR SUMMER :-))