Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pamela Joy and Friends

Bill Kelsey, Gloria Jean (Le'Creme'), Nikki Jardine have been such good friends to me for over 20 years.  You will meet many people in your life that come and go....but when you meet people who know your heart...accept you as you are you are blessed!

Bill Kelsey designed for Bob Mackey's wife and many others....he's very private but the nices "Pookie" you would ever meet.  He's my brother not by blood by sweat and tears LOL....you can also see Deb's Pursesnickity in the background....she and I met at a trade show....and our co. fell in love with her purses.....she and her husband John are the nicest people very down to earth etc.   

Stay tuned to hear and see more of the Designers at "The Girls Club" , hugggs, Pamela Joy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Niece Melissa Pifer yaaaay

Way to go Melissa.....You're on your Way to becomming a Naval Admiral....you go girl...Uncle Russell and Auntie Pamela are so excited for you!!!

........Way to go Big Brother Charlie.....you have a beautiful family!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank you so glad the comment Section is working

Are website is being Updated as we speak....Nikki ....Web Designer Extroardinare ....is making it beautiful....I will start posting on the blog or http://www.pamelajoypurses.ning.com/ so you can have sneak previews .......We also will be featuring ...the Beautiful Glenda Gies Bags you all loved winning them from your shows or as Consultants and Managers.....Timmy Woods will be in ...can't go to the bahamas without one right Laura? :-).    

And Ms. Bea, you looked beautiful with the M.Andonia tote and Glenda Gies Black Tote with Fushia Flower ....way to go Divas in Maryland , Shawna and Jen love their M.Andonia Motor Cycle Bags and Glenda Gies Originals.....they met Glenda several years ago in New York when we did the Trade Show......."Girls Club is Rockin Yaaaay":-)!!!

Kim Long...our Original "Panda" and Pinkadilly Manager.....doesn't know if she likes her Timmy Woods, Glenda Gies or Love Cat!!!

Grand Opening 26th of June.....get here early - you know how it goes - First Come First Serve - 4:00 - :-)

Details to follow, hugggs, Pamela