Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31st

we are soooo excited .....the Publishing of Mixtures is almost here.  The storm and technical difficulties has us delayed a little but we are forging ahead - Yaaaay!

We are also excited to be promoting a New Art Contest that will enable schools to raise money for much needed equipment.  Many times people think "public schools get all the money from governments"....this is true however the things the government sometimes can not provide (because our taxes will be raised is programs for the special needs and gifted students).

So stay tuned as you read in Mixtures this new enterprise on helping children of all ages reach their goals, is our precious children, young men and women who are fighting for our country and who are dreaming of a better tomorrow.   huggs, Pamela Joy~

Please *** sign into *** a special THANK YOU TO LACEE from Bella Creations for helping us organize our rooms and site - Yaaaay!

(((((when someone helps you....give them a SHOUT OUT! )))) yAAAY!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power Out

We still don't have internet - I'm using my neighbors internet - how crazy this is that my neighbor has internet we don't LOL...HOpe all are doing well from the storm! yaaaaay!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Courage to be You

I saw a video awhile ago that has stayed in my was about a woman who loved the "unloved"...we as women...need to find the balance in our voice and know that "what we think matters".  The more we support each other and encourage each other ...and as Oprah says "check our egos" at the door...the more we will see women SOAR...and the jealousy and pettiness will subside. 

This link is to a wonderful organization if you type in princess blogs you will see they embrace all their girls to be the Princess's they were meant to be.

Our goal is to help every woman ...see the destiny that she can obtain if we all pull together.

So my prayer is that I check my ego at the door as well....we must not be door matts but we must allow each other to grow independent of the "popular crowd".  When we look to others to give us praise we will fall EVERY TIME.  It was Jesus who came from a Palace, Mansions on High ..He was God's only Son...and came to this earth to be a peasant and die for us.  Jesus will always keep his human do not let anyone confuse you that there is not a God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - three seperate beings but one Godhead.

Jesus is the only one who will be loyal to you ....we must go through him as we listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit...and reach out to our Heavenly Father.

Today on this very special Sabbath Day....I lift up "Courage to be You"..and pray we all carry the torch to help each other grow.

Love to my sisters all over the world, Pamela Joy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Russell Lee and Pamela Joy Boutique, Inc.

Russell celebrates his 53rd birthday tomorrow and we celebrate 20 Years for the Corporation...thank you to everyone who helped us make it this far...we look forward to seeing you soon!! huggs,Pamela~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sisters Forever

We lift up "A Special Boutique" my beautiful sister-in-law, graduated from Oakwood University and remembers how generous one of her class mates were when she needed clothing to go job hunting "Interview in Style".  So with God's help Jocelyn Wright-Green started a beautiful boutique that gives women clothing to help them re-start their life.  Please email me if you would like to donate any clothing - you also win a FREE re-designed outfit on us :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

gluten-free bread adventures….southern cornbread

gluten-free bread adventures….southern cornbread

August 28th Visit the Showroom for a Sneak Preview of our New Fall Line

We are very excited that Ambitions, owned and operated by Jen and Kristy, are not only Sponsors of our New Magazine, "Mixtures"....Pamela Joy's friends around the World....they will also be bringing their "Celebrities"...Ambitions Hair Designers to the show room Sunday at 4:00 - Please email us if you would like to attend ...we would LOVE TO HAVE YOU, huggs, Pamela Joy~ and Digital aka Digi~Pamela Joi's youngest fury animal :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mixtures ...Welcomes Challenger ...Newest Sponsor and Home for Pamela Joy's Cars Yaaay

Thank you Jeff & Lauren....from Challenger!  We are so excited that you have come aboard with the New Mixed Media Art Magazine "Mixtures".....we're looking forward to seeing your business your beautiful family is growing! Hugggs, Pamela Joy & Friends!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wildwood Florist, Dynasty Nails, J & D Contstruction

Thank you Paul, Ms. Vicki and J & D.....this Magazine could not evolve without the support of Our Pasadena Business's , friends and family.......the Artists are growing also...many surprises in our Magazine., ....Long Day...Hope e1 had an awesome Tuesday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Front Cover Mixtures please critque DRAFT 3 thank you Lacee

This is the 3rd Draft of THE Cover for the New Magazine Mixtures - please PLEASE give me your critique,,,,, thank you.....please let me know if there is ANYTHING YOU THINK WE SHOULD CHANGE...i dont' like the picture i need to find a better manican lol

None so Blind can see now Yaaay

These are really adorable crystal ....stick-ons....when this piece is finally finished ...Bees Wax should seal everything together....I love these little guys. "They are on sale $1.99 at Michaels  -  Yaaaay!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


100 Years ago LOL .....Bahamas has always been a favorite vacation spot for us, we have taken many of our Top Sales, Managers through the Years to the Bahamas, I say, we when we all get rollin again, everyone who is supporting "The Mixtures" new Magazine, "The Girls Club, Pamela Joy Boutique", and the "Pamela Joy Speaks CD's" , we all go to the Bahamas! Who's in??? :-)

thank you Everyone for your support and prayers, they all work and all are needed and will be rewarded, hugggs, Pamela Joy~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kim Long of Pinkadillys

We are soooo thrilled that our Kim Long who heads the Pinkadillys coming on board the Mixtures Magazine - Yaaaaay!  Kim has been a scrapbook QUEEN for many we are um a few years ago LOL, Kimmers we're really so happy to reuinte the "Panda's and Pinkadilly's" we start a New Venture ...Yaaaay!  "Purse Chicks stick together" Mmmmmwwwah!!! :-)  

Laura ...I say we do a New Bahamas Contest!!  We need to find our Pictures LOL

All Star Graphics

Home, at last...yaaay!  Big thank you to Ben and Matt of All * Star Graphics.  They will be doing the layout for our first Volumne of "Mixtures" Magazine, Pamela Joy's B.F.F.'s around the world.   They offer a "One Stop Shop"...anything a small business or large business needs they provide.   For our Workshops "Pamela Joy Speaks" they also do banners etc., for the tables, signs for your truck/car, store, webdesign, business cards, t-shirts, .............."they are here to support the Small Business person .....receive all their needs in One Store"....ALL * STAR GRAPHICS....Class Act Ben and Matt ...thank you so much for support our New Venture, Pamela Joy & Friends!

Thank you Jen and Chrissy Ambitions Yaaay!

yAAAY ...Thank you Jen and Chrissy for your Support on the New "Mixtures" Magazine!  See you tomorrow for your photo shoot :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you Pasadena Local Buisness's and Ken and Billy at UPS

We have been shipping our Purses from our Local UPS store for Years.  Why?  Post Office you say is less expensive?  How much is your time worth?

Ken and William ...own and operate two of our finest UPS stores in Pasadena.  They support local business's ...and though advised from UPS their store isn't "professional looking"'s what drew me to them.  No job is literally to small or to big.  You take it to them, they wrap it up and ship it out and you are out the door in minutes. 

You don't have to wait.  Very rarely any lines!!!  No scurring around looking for a box, tape, packing stuff lol!!!!  If you earn a minimum of $20 an hour - and you wait at the local Post Office - you just spent $10.00 minimum before shipping your item.  How does that work for you?? YUCK lol, ....

Visit Our UPS store - I go to the one at Lakeshore because it's the closest - YOU will Love it and them!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Art Walk

.....When you enter into a new workshop, creative craft lab, you never know what you will find.

"Good things to know".....ask ...Many times I've stepped on toes in the journey but didn't know what I was doing.  Artists, we are a unique breed.....but the compassion and passion we have for "Beauty" we are like a small baby that looks like us, talks like us, crys like us. 

Featuring people:  I was once asked if I would like to be featured.  What a joy!  Then as the piece was ending the person said "oh and can you email all your friends to let them come sign up to my blog".  This is a reasonable request...but a part of me was sad because they had only stated they wanted to feature me because of their desire to help women.  

Being in Sales since college, I have learned that being up front with what you are looking for or need is the best policy.  It may not work for a lot of people.....I know that I personally scare the HECK...out of people because I am so up front!  But tomorrow isn't promised so to me it's better to "spit it out".  What drives me crazy is people are looking for that 'alterior motve...i.e. hidden agenda'.  It is sad that so many people have jaded us in this world ...that we can not just say "hey want an apple...i have two".

Enjoy Your Life, Change what you do not like....and keep changing it till you like it- Yaaaay!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Coming Together Pamela Joy Presents MIXTURES

It's coming together........"Mixtures".....The New Magazine....for "The Girls Club"....all our B.F,F,;s New and Old around the World Share their stories, of Life, Art, Mixed Media, Sewing, Yarn, ....Exploring our World's Awesome Adventures!!       It's so exciting to be a part of this "Happy World"...I hope you'll share your stories with us.....

        "When you let go...and can Breathe....Create....and Dream...your Most Passionate Dream...where Jesus can make it a Reality.....Pamela Joy, 2011 :-)  Love all my B.F.F.'s around the World....and Please Visit Them all ...I will post them here - You wil love these ...Awesome women we have met...and Men with appealing talent.....Children....who will Open Your Eyes in Wonder!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2 Make Each Day Count

...Fun New Workshop I've Just Treated Myself...already everyone is so Warm and Kind...I hope you all have had a GREAT Day!!