Monday, July 18, 2011

The Girls Club Magazine August 2011

2008, was a wonderful year life was "Wide Open" to the World of Art!  2009-2011...I've tried to fit in this "Art World" but to no avail......So the Good thing is...there must be other Girls/ me out there....Women who "are just who they say they are"...Not jaded by Society...but think Positive ...and have an Wide Variety of tastes, From Fine Clothing to Vintage Clothing....Korean Food to Japaneese Food...not carring about who doesn't like who.....So "The Girls Club" is starting over .....we are Finding Unique Local Artists who are not "with the In Crowd".....Designs and fashion that WE like ....."from National Designers and Unknown Designers"...some of us like "what's in Style" some of us don't....but it's all good!!!    We range in sizes 0-100 and can be who we are ...without being judged for anything or anyone else!  We are "The Girls Club" ....One of a kind women....who don't fit in and R not supposed to!!!!!!!  If you have a talent and would like to share please email me    if you have a bus. and would like to be interviewed please email us also....we'll keep you posted .....and the first 10 DARING WOMEN...who email me ....will get the first edition , Volume 1 ....on their doorstep (just cost of shippng), Hugggs, and Love, Pamela Joy

"Forward Ever Backward Never"


Terri Conklin said...

LOVE this new journey you are taking! Can't wait to contribute to and see the end result in August! You always have an artistic eye for things and this will be no exception! Good luck on this new adventure and I'm so glad you've allowed me to be a part of it!

Pamela Joy Purses said...

Terri you are just what the doctor ordered....I had a long day...i've got to get all the pages ready by 13th of August, Plus need a new Seamstress ...but God is good...he lead me to your comment you just gave me a boost! Love you girl!!