Friday, September 30, 2011

pretty presents

You never know when "Auntie Pammie" is feeling like Mailing goodies - so email me your addy - so you can be included in goodies for October and the Holidays

Have a Blessed Weekend, Huggs, Pamela & Digi

Happy Friday big Shout out to Supersnooks

SuperSnooks13If you don't have this Blogger on your list I highly recommend it! has new bloggers and old bloggers with pretty dainty, vintage, shabby chic designs.  Her newest is Cindy from Shabby Chic Girls Club ...very pretty items that make you want to Pretend you're back in the Victorian age as well.    Happy Friday everyone hugggs, Pamela Joy "The Girls Club 1991" Yaaay!

Here's one of my favorites - Very talented Ms. GIÈSLE!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

mixed media workshops

Michelle from Mixed Media Workshops, have awesome Challenges, "Freebie Rooms" where you learn and grow.   She is on a mission to help people learn how to draw, paint, sculpt etc., anything artistic.  She offers a variety of fun classes and shares her site with other artists who wish to teach - yaaay!    Michelle is just a hoot! She's our "Mother / Fairy Godmother/ Wicked twisted Sister - and I personally LOVE LOVE her Personality!!!  The team really work every day to make sure everyone is welcome at the website - and the People there are very accepting and Love New Ideas , Encouraging all to share their Love for Art.       You will see more of them in the Mixtures Magazine this year as time allows -

DON'T BE AFRAID - here's a Formula that actually works - try it LOL!!

If someone is offering you something AND IT DOESN'T COST ANYTHING - try it=  You will either have a Huge Blessing as will they because they love giving - or it will be a flop - but if you haven't had to put out your $$$$$  STOP WORRYING LOL......Those who are not sincere - time will tell - but give People in life a chance!  YOU will sometimes get bitten Yes I know but think of how many FUN THINGS THAT CAN come out of the Experience!      

Time is ticking many windows have you closed before you looked in?? at least TAKE A PEEK LOL! that's my thought for the day huggs, Pamela

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For quite some time, we have been blessed with awesome friends and managers - One of these woman , Kim like a Daughter/Sister to me.  Kim was pregnant with Josh when I met her years ago, she booked a purse show, then joined our company, we traipsed up and down New York, Manhattan - rested at the Waldorf...yaaay!  Kim is an Artist - she draws, paints and designs , we are so excited she has her own line, Pinkadillys and we're happy to sponsor her at the http//:
 website.        "If you Share Your Talent it only GROWS"!!!!    Way to go Kimmers!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Stamps

Mermaid Poodle Bath Tub bubbles Sherri Baldy Clear Rubber Stamp-Look at these gorgeous Stamps  -  way to go Sherri the Beautiful Fairy :-)

SuperSnooks13: Peeling away the layers...

SuperSnooks13: Peeling away the layers...: When I saw this inspirational photo at my favorite Shabby Chic Challenge Blog, Let's get Shabby , I fell in love and knew I had to p...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Color Your Life          Cartise is a Fun, Romantic, Beautiful New Line Pamela Joy is Excited to Share with You......Please let us know when you see something you like....."The Girls Club" all about YOU!~


Friday, September 16, 2011

the Girls Club

Isn't this adorable.....Lacee from is making all the Original Models Photo Art Albums so you will be able to show your designs in person as well as link them to   Ben and Matt from All*Starr Graphics will be merging our websites, Pamela Joy Speaks and Pamela Joy Purses together so they flow - Pamela certainly does not know how to do that LOL...... they are starting work on the Banner so when we enter our designs at the trade shows we'll have the Pamela Joy Girls Club Banner....also there will be a Special Place for all Mixture sponsors and **Stars** so everyone will be able to launch their site and display their talent.     Not all of us want to sell....not all of us want to be "out" at the Girls Club and Mixtures (boys and girls lol)...there will be a place foreveryone...."I always say...give something at least 90 days ....and it will start to make sense or not.....Everyone have a wonderful and peaceful weekend...and again Lacee thank you is just stunning!!!!  

The winner for the First Mini goes to Shawna and Jen they were the first to Model - so No "Momma" isn't playing favorites LOL the rest of ya'alls are coming lol :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a friend over looks your bad days

A friend overlooks your bad Days...thank you to all my friends....niters :-)

Reusable Bag and Reinvented Clothing

Take all your clothing YOU ARE NOT wearing.....make sure the clothing is of good quality....either find a wonderful seamstress in your area and re-invent an outfit or ....collage a piece yourself you'll be surprised how talented you really are!!  If you would like us to "Re=Invent" a design for you please contact us
but above all ....Have Fun!!! :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starr's Momma at BellaCreations

Talking with an old friend from elementary days today I was thinking about our parents and what seemed easy to them more difficult to us now days.  Then I finished the dinner dishes popped on line and saw Starr's layout of her Momma .....what a beautiful reminder of how lucky we are to have awesome parrents or God Parrents ,friends, family or neighbors who help us when we have huge storms......I am so thankful tonight to have so many wonderful people in my life! hugggs, to all, Pamela

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sensei Natalie Vanillerygarden

<iframe width="560" height="345" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Very few times in your life you run accross ...wonderful people who....understand...and accept you just as you are.  Natalie from is one of those people...whether you join her radical revolution (which is free) or you just read her blogs you will know she is a sincere ....very precious person in Austria, getting to know herself and helping others as well.  Let us join her at least in thought that all women unite together in friendships and encouraging each other.

This video was dedicated to her , the class, the many wonder women we met, to Suzi Blu who also introduced us to Natalie....and I encourage everyone to peek at   '

All these sites will inspire you to be a better you, it will be extremely hard sometimes because we have to face truth.....but if we don't give up....we will come out victorious!


Waving big hellos to good it is to have you here!  Pinkglitter's art sooooo beautiful...I'm attaching her blog site as well.  She and I were one of the originals in 2007/2008 can't remember LOL  Suzi Blu's Pettit Doll Ning Class.....this was so much first on line you explore her site you will see what delightful natural talent she has...I think you'll agree it's a JOY to see her creations and the LOVE she puts in them!   Welcome Welcome , hugggs, will meet others by the way also we are planning a big surprise ...not tellin yet :-) yaaaaay! but YOU'LL like it Mmmmmwwwah!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

91st Anniversary for our SPCA in annapolis yaaay

Come join the fun...and see all the sweet little animals meet their new owners...Yaaay!

We've adopted almost all our animals over 30 years from the SPCA or rescue organizations and the blessings that come are enormous....even if you can't come...send them a "shout out of love" I know they will appreciate it :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wandering Imaginations

It's almost the end of September the 8th , 2011.....Every day I think....have I done everything I can do show how thankful I am.   My dear friend Verlene Brooks...OOOOZES  with talent ...she lives in a Beautiful Forrest Environment...and when you see her photos on her blog can just imagine little "Fairy's and Unicorns" around the corner...ready to playfully pounce on you Giggle with laughter.

My Dear Friend....if I haven't told you lately....I so treasurer our friendship....and applaud your talent as you grow and grow each year! Huggs, Pamela

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Her Whimsical Musings

Baby Shoe, Shabby Chic, Shabby Chic Baby Shoe, Altered Baby shoe, white, We are excited that Cindy from Her Magical Musings will be featured in Pamela Joy's Mixtures Magazine.  Cindy has a beautiful talent that takes you back to a very gracious time where everything and everyone seemed lovely and enchanting.  Congratulations Cindy !!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beach Boys

We're excited to add Accurate Accounting to our Sponsor list yaay!  Challenger has their family photo complete and will sending in their narrative...this is an up and coming Auto Repair Company who truly believes in their Quality Service to their customers!

Bella Creations continue to help our endeavor to we reach  out with Natalie from Vanillery Garden to encourage women to help each other, love each other and stand on our Own!  

So I pray you all had a blessed dh and I had tons of fun mowing the back felt like it was 10 acres LOL....we're glad to be closing the pool but sad summer is leaving us.....I am choosing to keep summer in my heart.....and the Beach Boys singing their Songs.....some of us will always be Valley Girls at heart!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Digi keeps loving

He's so just want to squeeze him gently and kiss his sweet little face ...and the paws....he has the cutest paws!  :Gamma's baby:::

Friday, September 2, 2011

Elegant Comfy Fashion and Beauitful Whimsical Art

Harper's Bazarr in 1915 cost only 15 cents.....however their flair for fashion still lives on to this day.   We are incorporating the flair of the "Romance from the Early 19th Century the Modern 21st Century"...finding the balance between elegance and unique styles.   When you step out in a Pamela Joy ensemble you will be embracing many artists....who have combined their talents to make "A One of a Kind YOU"!

Isn't it time that we follow our own Style? 
Who knows....You can start a New Trend...and that is YOUR Creation!

If you would like to see your art, craft, design etc., on clothing, handbags, photo albums, picture frames etc.
Please email us we will help you market your creations.   Remember the old movie Macy's on 34th street?  If we can't help you we will research it and find a company who can help you.


undermine the process"

Women......."passive agressive" attitudes continue to grow and to be passed on to our daughters.....
Speak your mind, do it as kindly as possible but don't let anyone "get over and walk on you"..... Sisters.....don't let others do your "dirty work"....example: "my husband said blah blah blah.....if you don't like something don't blame it on someone else...stand up and be counted for"!    
 If someone emails you ....or calls you....don't just ignore them.....let them know in a kind way what is on your mind.  STOP THE GOSSIP.....if a person hurts you.....let them know so they can apologize and the two of you can become stronger and grow together.   Jesus says if we go one to each other and talk things over ....we have gained a "brother/sister"....what does GOSSIP do?   Just festers and grows and next thing we know innocent person has been blacklisted from "the popular crowd"!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st Fall Line

You will see a lot of new designers being added to the Boutique...they also will be in the Mixtures Magazine.....After twenty years in the fashion's awesome to be able to buy merchandise that talks to your makes you smile or you feel tingly when you see a piece of fabric that has YOUR art work on it.   Someone once wrote  -  we are either moving forward or backwards....I like to think of it as ...we are "coming into our own"...whether "so and so likes it" doesn't we like it???  

Pamela Joy Boutique, Inc.,
would like to ask everyone to send us pictures or links to what YOU like.......
we are open to New Ideas and Styles....and would Love your Input.

You hear me talking about Natalie from Vanillery Garden a lot.....come and join her will be changed forever :-)  ....and NO I don't receive any $$$ for promoting her..I just think she is one of the most genuine sincere people I have ever met and it's very refreshing - Yaaaay!

Suzi Blu is starting a New Journal your story class....we're very excited about seeing art through her eyes...her teaching is Sooooo Generous....she leaves her Class up for MONTHS AND MONTHS....and you learn to hear your voice...your style, your inner child that yearns to play.  

Remember as you embark on your journey ......some people are in your life to teach you, nurture you, "slap you gently" and push you out the door.....but just remember ..NO one is LIKE don't be disappointed when they do not react the way you do......this has been a very hard lesson for me to learn and I keep learning it LOL.      So give us a "Hollar" and let us know what you see you like ok .....EVERY Week we're going to give away new Fashion and Accessories we just ask you to comment here and join our website so we can HEAR You :-) hugggs, Pamela

P.S. We are also looking to hire a person who has a love for FABRIC and is a visionary who can help "spring board this new revolution Natalie Started....helping women help each other" - Yaaay! Please email me if you are interesed  -  you will be working from home but it would be helpful if you can travel as well.....I have 6 trade shows a year I have to cover and it would be great to find someone who can assist in that area as well. :-)