Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wandering Imaginations

It's almost the end of September the 8th , 2011.....Every day I think....have I done everything I can do show how thankful I am.   My dear friend Verlene Brooks...OOOOZES  with talent ...she lives in a Beautiful Forrest Environment...and when you see her photos on her blog can just imagine little "Fairy's and Unicorns" around the corner...ready to playfully pounce on you Giggle with laughter.

My Dear Friend....if I haven't told you lately....I so treasurer our friendship....and applaud your talent as you grow and grow each year! Huggs, Pamela


Micupoftea~ said...

So nice that you encourage your friends and share smiles with all :)

Verlene Brooks said...

Aw Pammie, you sweetie pie! So glad to be your friend.