Friday, September 2, 2011

Elegant Comfy Fashion and Beauitful Whimsical Art

Harper's Bazarr in 1915 cost only 15 cents.....however their flair for fashion still lives on to this day.   We are incorporating the flair of the "Romance from the Early 19th Century the Modern 21st Century"...finding the balance between elegance and unique styles.   When you step out in a Pamela Joy ensemble you will be embracing many artists....who have combined their talents to make "A One of a Kind YOU"!

Isn't it time that we follow our own Style? 
Who knows....You can start a New Trend...and that is YOUR Creation!

If you would like to see your art, craft, design etc., on clothing, handbags, photo albums, picture frames etc.
Please email us we will help you market your creations.   Remember the old movie Macy's on 34th street?  If we can't help you we will research it and find a company who can help you.


undermine the process"

Women......."passive agressive" attitudes continue to grow and to be passed on to our daughters.....
Speak your mind, do it as kindly as possible but don't let anyone "get over and walk on you"..... Sisters.....don't let others do your "dirty work"....example: "my husband said blah blah blah.....if you don't like something don't blame it on someone else...stand up and be counted for"!    
 If someone emails you ....or calls you....don't just ignore them.....let them know in a kind way what is on your mind.  STOP THE GOSSIP.....if a person hurts you.....let them know so they can apologize and the two of you can become stronger and grow together.   Jesus says if we go one to each other and talk things over ....we have gained a "brother/sister"....what does GOSSIP do?   Just festers and grows and next thing we know innocent person has been blacklisted from "the popular crowd"!

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