Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st Fall Line

You will see a lot of new designers being added to the Boutique...they also will be in the Mixtures Magazine.....After twenty years in the fashion's awesome to be able to buy merchandise that talks to your makes you smile or you feel tingly when you see a piece of fabric that has YOUR art work on it.   Someone once wrote  -  we are either moving forward or backwards....I like to think of it as ...we are "coming into our own"...whether "so and so likes it" doesn't we like it???  

Pamela Joy Boutique, Inc.,
would like to ask everyone to send us pictures or links to what YOU like.......
we are open to New Ideas and Styles....and would Love your Input.

You hear me talking about Natalie from Vanillery Garden a lot.....come and join her will be changed forever :-)  ....and NO I don't receive any $$$ for promoting her..I just think she is one of the most genuine sincere people I have ever met and it's very refreshing - Yaaaay!

Suzi Blu is starting a New Journal your story class....we're very excited about seeing art through her eyes...her teaching is Sooooo Generous....she leaves her Class up for MONTHS AND MONTHS....and you learn to hear your voice...your style, your inner child that yearns to play.  

Remember as you embark on your journey ......some people are in your life to teach you, nurture you, "slap you gently" and push you out the door.....but just remember ..NO one is LIKE don't be disappointed when they do not react the way you do......this has been a very hard lesson for me to learn and I keep learning it LOL.      So give us a "Hollar" and let us know what you see you like ok .....EVERY Week we're going to give away new Fashion and Accessories we just ask you to comment here and join our website so we can HEAR You :-) hugggs, Pamela

P.S. We are also looking to hire a person who has a love for FABRIC and is a visionary who can help "spring board this new revolution Natalie Started....helping women help each other" - Yaaay! Please email me if you are interesed  -  you will be working from home but it would be helpful if you can travel as well.....I have 6 trade shows a year I have to cover and it would be great to find someone who can assist in that area as well. :-)

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