Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Freedom is coloring on my walls...painting, collaging, ....Freedom is drawing Eve in with an Asian Face.....,Freedom was bought with a Price....may we all celebrate July, for our Freedom is a Precious Gift.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I love the beautiful colors in her painting....this is the most wonderful workshop...awesome people! Come and join us!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Girls Club Magazine August 2011

2008, was a wonderful year life was "Wide Open" to the World of Art!  2009-2011...I've tried to fit in this "Art World" but to no avail......So the Good thing is...there must be other Girls/ me out there....Women who "are just who they say they are"...Not jaded by Society...but think Positive ...and have an Wide Variety of tastes, From Fine Clothing to Vintage Clothing....Korean Food to Japaneese Food...not carring about who doesn't like who.....So "The Girls Club" is starting over .....we are Finding Unique Local Artists who are not "with the In Crowd".....Designs and fashion that WE like ....."from National Designers and Unknown Designers"...some of us like "what's in Style" some of us don't....but it's all good!!!    We range in sizes 0-100 and can be who we are ...without being judged for anything or anyone else!  We are "The Girls Club" ....One of a kind women....who don't fit in and R not supposed to!!!!!!!  If you have a talent and would like to share please email me    if you have a bus. and would like to be interviewed please email us also....we'll keep you posted .....and the first 10 DARING WOMEN...who email me ....will get the first edition , Volume 1 ....on their doorstep (just cost of shippng), Hugggs, and Love, Pamela Joy

"Forward Ever Backward Never"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Army Fashion LOL

About 100 Years ago....I thought I would make a living in Vegas as a Professional Gambler.  When that lasted 3 days LOL....I joined the Army to "Be all I could be" ...and honestly I liked the uniform at that time how you could have it starched and then with your jump boots it looked really "cool".  Shortly after I joined for a short tour (2 years) ...they changed the uniform  ......well.....I'm very happy I am a vet ....the picture is with my Uncle who was a retired MSG, and my Pretty Aunt Millie........those were the days.....I went in weighing 152 but a size 34 mens pants...after Basic I weighed 150 but a size 29 mens pants...and size 8 in women's clothing......Now we are Re-Inviting Clothing we no longer use but still have excellent Current Fashion Style...and loving each day as it comes along....EMAIL ME....i'd love to hear from you,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Laura Z hits Pasadena Yaaaaay

This beautiful black linen sundress.....comes in White, Cream and Choclate Brown, the shorts...we're calling them the "Ugly Betty Shorts" they look plain off...but adorable once you put them on and they are so comfortable!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pamela Joi's Jamaica

This Top was designed by Pamela Joi, my daughter is very talented....beautiful...and as sweet on the inside as well.  We have totally oposite tastes which makes life interesting lol.  But we both LOVE SHOES! LOL....This picture was taken in Jamaica....I'm in the background but ...Pammy's dancing is MUCH ..better than mine lol.....Love you Peanut!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Huey by Victoria Nelson-Flores

Congratulations to my Dear Friends Vicki and Robert....Vicki wrote a beautiful book of her special little Huey...he was treasured by all of us and we will always remember him!  Love, Auntie Pammie and Uncle Russell

If you can dream it with God's help You can do it!

Fiat X1/9
If you can Dream it You can do it,........with God;s help all things are possible...give Him the Glory and He will restore you and forgive all your sins....Jesus is so much fun.....He helps me to create, Move (you must check out Jenny Doh's creative exercise site...HONEST...just one session with Jenny and it has helped me move tremendously ....we have 6 months to end 2011 with a GET UP ...and let's Glide through the rest of the Year!!!  Throw the top down on your FiatX-19 LOL....and ride the Wave......Hugggs, Pamela        (Dad told me it wouldn't last ...brand new lemon was traded in for a plane ticket to Vegas ....details to follow :-))

Sunday, July 3, 2011

No One Could Touch Her

As she stood out her back porch overlooking the beautiful view….she was reminded how much Jesus loves Her…….How He had provided a beautiful home for her to live in.  Jesus knew her father meant everything to her….but so had her mother.
“The Girls Club” had met for dinner around 7:00….and they had such a gay time….as the
Men took their “tails” to  the study  the girls ….retreated to the beautiful cottage outside by the water. 
What a beautiful idea her husband had when he suggested remodeling the Small Cottage
Into a small version of their Beautiful Victorian Home.
Her highness had such good taste……
for her cottage she combined a
“Sea side effect and kept the Victorian feeling at the same time.
Many women wanted to come over to the Prince and Princess
home for dinner parties but knew only A few would be able
to come to “The Girls Club”.
…..Her mind wandered back to a gracious time
before the Civil War when everything was
Beautiful and genteel.

Sunday June 26th

The grand opening kicked off with Jen, Shawna and Momma Margaret all trying on the different resort wear....and modeling, twirling like ....we were when we all were 5 LOL.....Melissa and Chrystal...were busy measuring everyone and modeling as well......Melissa even started her own designs.....Way to go Admiral Melissa Pifer!   Shawna and Jen have been long time managers in our company....and everything they put on looks beautiful!!!   Say tuned for New Designs and email us if you would like to be a model as well, hugggs, Pamela

Stretch Woven Fabrics :: Fabrics by Weave :: Vogue Fabrics - America's Premier Fashion Fabric Store

Stretch Woven Fabrics :: Fabrics by Weave :: Vogue Fabrics - America's Premier Fashion Fabric Store

They have some really cool ...Unique Fabrics here ...catch the sales and ride them to the SeaShore :-)

Hope you enjoy, huggs, Pamela