Sunday, July 3, 2011

No One Could Touch Her

As she stood out her back porch overlooking the beautiful view….she was reminded how much Jesus loves Her…….How He had provided a beautiful home for her to live in.  Jesus knew her father meant everything to her….but so had her mother.
“The Girls Club” had met for dinner around 7:00….and they had such a gay time….as the
Men took their “tails” to  the study  the girls ….retreated to the beautiful cottage outside by the water. 
What a beautiful idea her husband had when he suggested remodeling the Small Cottage
Into a small version of their Beautiful Victorian Home.
Her highness had such good taste……
for her cottage she combined a
“Sea side effect and kept the Victorian feeling at the same time.
Many women wanted to come over to the Prince and Princess
home for dinner parties but knew only A few would be able
to come to “The Girls Club”.
…..Her mind wandered back to a gracious time
before the Civil War when everything was
Beautiful and genteel.


cuddlechan said...

very lovely!!! I agree with Natalie, you should write a book!

Pamela Joy Purses said...

what good friends you and Sensei Natalie are ....Now which one of you is going to be the illustrator?? LOL