Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Creative Mind

I love how we were given creative explore ...and grow .....I wrapped all kinds of goodies Friday to mail out...when I got home ..wait till you see what was in the mail box :-).....Cards Cards Cards for our Troops.....God is watching over our boys and girls...and it's nice being a part of it...thank you Bellacreations and Mixedmediaworkshops ...Lacee and Michelle are encouraging Cards and Candy for our United States Men and Women protecting our
America...Yaaaay!!  "In God we Trust"~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beaded Fringe Tutorial

  • Something to add fringe to: gadget case, scarf, your husbands favorite necktie. In any case it will need to have enough "oomph" to support the fringe. In this instance, the fringe will be supported by the satin stitched bottom edge of the case. For a scarf I like to add a tiny bit of cording or seam tape or ribbon (depending on the weight of the scarf) inside of a rolled hem.
  • Beading thread (I love Nymo) and a beading needle (or a size 11 applique needle.)
  • Seed beads and other larger beads. Make sure the holes in the larger beads are not so big that the seed beads sink into them. If they are you'll need to put medium beads next to the large holed beads.

1 - Make your knot. Thread your needle, bring it in through the case and out on the edge of the satin stitching. Leave the tail of the thread hanging out. Wrap the thread (not the tail end) three times around the tip of the needle, hold the wrap with your thumb and pull the needle through. You should have a secure knot now. I often make at least one more knot in close to the same place just to be extra secure.

2 - Load your beads onto the needle. Add seed beads until your fringe is about as long as you wish it to be then add your bigger bead and one more seed bead. The seed bead on the end is your anchor. Slide all of the beads to the end of the thread.

3 - Anchor your fringe. This is the only tricky part - and it really isn't hard. Slide that last seed bead away from the line of beads then send your needle right back through your whole line of beads. I find it easiest to do if I bend the line of beads over my finger, holding the thread taut. This lines up the beads in a row and holds the thread tight along the bottom of each hole. That way you have room to get the needle back up through the whole line.

4 - You might not be able to get the needle all the way through your line of beads in one shot. No worries. Just do it a bit at a time, holding that thread taught to it easier to slide the needle through.

5 - Push your needle into the satin stitching, right under your fringe and come out where you want the next fringe to start. Continue adding fringe until you think you're done. Notice here that my fringe isn't the same - I like it funky. Sometimes my big bead is in the middle, sometimes there are more seed beads on the end than just one anchor. Mix it up and make it fun.

6 - Make a knot right next to the last fringe in the same way you did at the beginning. In fact, make two knots. Come to think of it, make a knot and just keep going (not starting with a new thread each time) every three or four fringes just to be safe. I truly dislike the sound of a million tiny beads scattering across the floor as my child yanks on my fringes. At the end, after your last knot, send your needle up through the satin stitching and come out anywhere. Trim the tail off and you're done.

There you have it. Next week I'll post a short tutorial on how to make the ribbon strap shown on the butterfly case so be sure to stop by again!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Peanut 25 Years Young!

She was born 25 years ago today...7:30 in the morning,,,,Fort Bragg......a little smaller than her brother....she was 9 lbs 8 oz., 21" long..........He was 10 lbs 11 ozs 25 1/4 inches long.........."Pifer Girls Rock"! Love you baby girl!, Momma~

Friday, October 21, 2011

Buttons and Bows Flowers and Starrs that's what little girls are made of

Starr's sachet lesson ...was My favorite this month ....because I love that it was simple but when you finished it you had a sense of accomplishment!!!    Carol's Sachet I thought Rocked!!! Why?? Because even though she is alergic to different scents she found a way to complete the Challenge ...& give Kudos to Carla's Pumpkins!    WAY TO GO MS. STARR AND CAROL!!!

BellaCreations, Carla and Donna ...make the prettiest Flowers and Buttons!!!  

Carla's package came the other day....we can't wait to show everyone Sunday at "Ms. Bea's Girls Afternoon Tea Party" Yaaaay!!!

This weekend.....treat yourself to a little "challenge at Bella Creations" ....or come Design a Kimono with us ....Lacee, creator of Bellacreations is teaching us a really cool batik design...''

Don't we all want to keep that "inner child in us"....Big hugggs to all the Bellas, Artists and friends this weekend, do something that makes YOU happy! xoxo ((((((big huggs)))))) Pamela!    

Does Carla's pumpkin not look adorable!!!!!   yaaaaay!!!!

"P.S." Please don't forget our Solders.....One Card, or take 5 Pieces of Hard candy out of your Halloween 'stash' ....wrap it up in a piece of toil , tissue or baggie.....Mail it to 204 oak hollow court, pasadena md, 21122 attn : Major Russell Wright...add your email - the soldiers who receive them are allowed to email back a thank you - we just can't email them until they respond .....5 pieces of hard candy...DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A LOT....but if 100 people did it that's 500 pieces of candy! yaaay!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing Dress Up

Ok I just got through Playing "Dress Up with some of my Favorite Gals" ...

Wasn't it fun when we used to go shopping together ....and then went out at night to show off our outfits??

Those were the days LOL

New Collections coming in every day - I'm posting the ones we tried on today ...Yaaay! than you Emily, Candy and Cathy!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Puddin'n Pie

 Talk about Talent.....Georgie is a very talented woman...

......but I'm after her kitten ..what a doll!!!

Georgie also has fun take a peek will be delighted!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bella Creates a winner

Congratulations Claire.....Bella Tote Ensemble - yaaaay!  Lacee picked a winner last night ...and sliding in on the "9th" Inning LOL came Claire from San Diego California -Yaaaay!

Look at the back of her bag as well - good job Claire and awesome job Lacee from

 Digi sends big hugggs to all his Mommy's Friends tonight....((((Big Kitty Hugggs)))))

Saturday, October 15, 2011

last submission

Thank you Jeff and Family - Challenger our Last Submission has finished on time Yaaay!

Everything is now ready for All*Starr Graphics and then to Publisher...thank you everyone for your patience and your moral support - yaaay!

(I'm so excited I was just signing off and this JUST CAME IN ) yaaay! aren't they a cute family!!

Family Business Pic.jpg

The Original Girls Club and Founding "Gal"

What fun Momma, dh and I had today....Momma and I have started a FUN...girls club where she is living....these ladies are sooooo much fun! Talk about Visionaries - they are planning a T-Party....and Love Lacee's New Mini for "The Girls Club"  (

........they are inviting all the residents and their Moms, Daughters etc. to join i will take pictures and keep you posted - they are really Beautiful Women....and are excited to be a part of our Pamela Joy Girls Club and Bellas - (I told them all about you all :-) .

We are so blessed - Hugggs, Pamela

Friday, October 14, 2011

Karen's Hairbands

Congratulations Karen on your Gorgeous Hairbands!!!  Stay tuned .....Karen will have her own site soon, you can also contact her on our website at The Girls Club

Have a blessed weekend- and remember ~ When you gain a friend you add 10 Years to your life - "A true friend sticks closer than a sister/brother" :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you like

Feathers on your flowers??  Do you like to take scarves - even old ones you don't wear anymore LOL and make them into wraps??

Then Please say "sure , why not LOL" and come share with us your talents, as we show you how  to take scarves ...scrap pieces of material and make a Beautiful Shawl - you do not have to use a sewing machine yaaay!
 huggs, Pamela

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Princess Kate

You can find these at Nordstroms for $38.00 - ours are $24.00 - Yaaaay!

Tasha 'Jazzy' Head Wrap

Friday, October 7, 2011

Congratulations Supersnooks13

My Giveaway Way to go Ms.G One Year Annversary!! We all LOVE your Bella Cards...and your laughter and smiles......rings through our puters ...thank you for making us feel welcome wherever you are!!!!   BIG KUDOS 1 YEAR FOR GISÈLE

Big Buddha

Click screen to closeAs seen at Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus and Saks, Big Buddha, is an up and coming Designer for that Every Day woman with Style ...but also likes to Carry her purse and throw it in the back seat without worrying it will fall apart LOL!

You will see Big Buddha, Nicole Lee & Sandra Roberts along with the New Pamela Joy Line - October 23rd - Yaaaay!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Magnolia Pearl

Congratulations WENDY from Bella Creations has won a $50 gift Certificate for being October's Guest Designer Yaaaaay!   Bella Signed Onto our Blog and Website receive 20% Discount Yaaay!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Support our Troops

Support our Troops - Starr over at has a wonderful challenge where we make cards for our troops!   I thought it would be also nice to send a Soldiers Mom or Wife or Husband a tote, wallet etc.   Our troops LOVE the fact we are all praying for them back home and support them as they defend us!  Way to go BellaCreations and Auntie Starr!

New Challenge for October!!

Hello Bellas! Are you ready for a new challenge, I hope so because this one is special. Our challenge is to make a card for a soldier then put it in the mail!!! The card can be any theme, fall, Christmas, thank you, but made for a soldier. The mail takes a few weeks to get to the destination so they need to be mailed by Oct 30. You may enter up to 3 cards but you can post as many as you would like but only 3 will be entered in the challenge.  Cards must be made during the month of Oct.    The winner will be chosen by
I'll get the address to you, I don't have it with me right now. I really hope that you will consider joining this challenge, you have the joy of making art, and they will have the joy of receiving it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Art Enables

I love how these artists work Daily on their Art Craft to supplement their income - Way to go Art Enables!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

navy loses to airforce

Well Melissa didn't get over night leave - Navy lost to Air Force :( -

Good thing they are all on the same side though LOL - sorry Melissa , Auntie will see you next week Mmmmwwwahhh!!!