Friday, October 21, 2011

Buttons and Bows Flowers and Starrs that's what little girls are made of

Starr's sachet lesson ...was My favorite this month ....because I love that it was simple but when you finished it you had a sense of accomplishment!!!    Carol's Sachet I thought Rocked!!! Why?? Because even though she is alergic to different scents she found a way to complete the Challenge ...& give Kudos to Carla's Pumpkins!    WAY TO GO MS. STARR AND CAROL!!!

BellaCreations, Carla and Donna ...make the prettiest Flowers and Buttons!!!  

Carla's package came the other day....we can't wait to show everyone Sunday at "Ms. Bea's Girls Afternoon Tea Party" Yaaaay!!!

This weekend.....treat yourself to a little "challenge at Bella Creations" ....or come Design a Kimono with us ....Lacee, creator of Bellacreations is teaching us a really cool batik design...''

Don't we all want to keep that "inner child in us"....Big hugggs to all the Bellas, Artists and friends this weekend, do something that makes YOU happy! xoxo ((((((big huggs)))))) Pamela!    

Does Carla's pumpkin not look adorable!!!!!   yaaaaay!!!!

"P.S." Please don't forget our Solders.....One Card, or take 5 Pieces of Hard candy out of your Halloween 'stash' ....wrap it up in a piece of toil , tissue or baggie.....Mail it to 204 oak hollow court, pasadena md, 21122 attn : Major Russell Wright...add your email - the soldiers who receive them are allowed to email back a thank you - we just can't email them until they respond .....5 pieces of hard candy...DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A LOT....but if 100 people did it that's 500 pieces of candy! yaaay!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous creations!!!

Jeannette said...

Very nice looking pumpkin indeed!