Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Courage to be You

I saw a video awhile ago that has stayed in my was about a woman who loved the "unloved"...we as women...need to find the balance in our voice and know that "what we think matters".  The more we support each other and encourage each other ...and as Oprah says "check our egos" at the door...the more we will see women SOAR...and the jealousy and pettiness will subside. 

This link is to a wonderful organization if you type in princess blogs you will see they embrace all their girls to be the Princess's they were meant to be.

Our goal is to help every woman ...see the destiny that she can obtain if we all pull together.

So my prayer is that I check my ego at the door as well....we must not be door matts but we must allow each other to grow independent of the "popular crowd".  When we look to others to give us praise we will fall EVERY TIME.  It was Jesus who came from a Palace, Mansions on High ..He was God's only Son...and came to this earth to be a peasant and die for us.  Jesus will always keep his human do not let anyone confuse you that there is not a God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - three seperate beings but one Godhead.

Jesus is the only one who will be loyal to you ....we must go through him as we listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit...and reach out to our Heavenly Father.

Today on this very special Sabbath Day....I lift up "Courage to be You"..and pray we all carry the torch to help each other grow.

Love to my sisters all over the world, Pamela Joy

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