Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thank you Pasadena Local Buisness's and Ken and Billy at UPS

We have been shipping our Purses from our Local UPS store for Years.  Why?  Post Office you say is less expensive?  How much is your time worth?

Ken and William ...own and operate two of our finest UPS stores in Pasadena.  They support local business's ...and though advised from UPS their store isn't "professional looking"...it's what drew me to them.  No job is literally to small or to big.  You take it to them, they wrap it up and ship it out and you are out the door in minutes. 

You don't have to wait.  Very rarely any lines!!!  No scurring around looking for a box, tape, packing stuff lol!!!!  If you earn a minimum of $20 an hour - and you wait at the local Post Office - you just spent $10.00 minimum before shipping your item.  How does that work for you?? YUCK lol, ....

Visit Our UPS store - I go to the one at Lakeshore because it's the closest - YOU will Love it and them!!

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