Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you fit in???

Have you ever felt like you just don't fit in?? People misunderstand you? Other people can say things...and it's fine...but when you do it's not accepted???

Maybe we're not supposed to fit in wherever it is we are trying. Maybe we're supposed to find our own "Girls Club" and let "them try and fit in".

Everyone was created with Unique talents that make them special. Running a woman's retail company for 20 years I have's hard to teach women business...real bus. and it's hard to make real friends once you leave college/high school.

We all have our limits on "how much drama" we can take. However, I am a person who cannot be phoney ...nor want to be.

I remember a time long ago ...there was a woman living on base (fort meade)...and all the neighbors were in a "hissyfit"...because she did "strange" things . Being new to the neighborhood...I thought well I dont know her so let me meet her myself.

YOU GUESSED it....we ended up dearest friends...and the gossip stopped.

A few weeks ago my computer was real friends new it wasn't me...but others were not sure. I had that account for 15 years...but there was nothing I could do except get a new email account.

If you notice on my blog...I don't type much....tonight...I just thought maybe someone was feeling like I was ...and this post might help them.

I love meeting new people who have a creative passion. What about you??? How would you like to live your life?? How's what you have been doing working for you??

I'd love to hear from you, hugggs,Pamela Joy

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