Sunday, January 8, 2012

the New Weight Watchers "let's take it off for good"

My dear ...very long time friend Terri, agreed to be my buddy this week in Weight Watchers! yaaaay! She has already lost 52 lbs  - took a break with Christmas but is back at it again...and we are going to encourage each other.

I've joined weight watchers for 12 times think something would have told me to stop trying.  How much in life do we not "fit in"?  But I always knew that it was "me" in this case LOL  I just could get the points - I knew how a break might be 1 point etc., but how do you figure out mixed dishes etc.,  

And then there is the meetings....I'm always so afraid I will say the wrong thing....but 60 lbs heavier since 2006 Wedding it's so time to get this weight off for good!  I actually secretly would like to take 100 lbs off but I will be more than HAPPY ...extatic with 60 lbs LOL.  Anyone want to join us - even if you're doing a different program? My friend Laura is doing a tremendous job with Metabolife she's down to size 2 and 4 ..way to go Laura!!!

As we make the journey to our success....:::let's constantly encourage each other::::believe it or not ...a smile in a grocery store can make all the difference to those having a bad day :-)....Everyone here on this blog YOU are special to me...;Please email me if I can help you in anyway, huggs, Pamela AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!     p.s. If they can do it ...WE CAN DO IT!!!

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