Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Decorating and making an Envelope is so easy and fun.....I just took

a) Two Scrapbook Papers and sewed them together
b) Then sewed the sides and added laces

Come Join us in a "Decorate an Envelope Challenge" at "the Girls Club

I'd love to see the envelopes you make as well :-)00 hugggs, Pamelaaaa


Barbara Moore said...

Your envelope is so pretty Pamela! What are you going to put in it? lol

Brenda said...

This looks fun!! Thanks, Pamelalalalala!!!

Brenda said...

LOVE IT!! Shared on my blog :)

I think Mrs. Drysdale will enjoy whipping up a few of these :)

Brenda said...

LOVE IT! I shared on my blog :)

Mrs. Drysdale will enjoy whipping up a few of these!!

Pamela Joy Purses said...

Thank you Brenda.....sometimes it's the easy things in life that brings us peace eh? Lol

Pamela Joy Purses said...

Thankyou Barbara..!!